BTS Accountancy
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BTS Accountancy

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Captured by webthumbnail.orgAre you looking for a real accountant? Look no further! If you are a small or medium size business and want to expand, grow your sales, improve your cash flow, increase your profits and decrease your taxes then you are in the right place! BTS Accountancy is supporting businesses in Kent and Medway - Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester, Strood, Rainham. We have revisited the profession, and focused on the clients needs rather than on old habbits. The changes have made us quite different. BTS Accountancy is a new company that provides Accountancy and Bookkeeping services for small and medium sized business. It is a one-person firm, which provides support in all tax related matters. As QuickBooks Pro-Advisor it will also offer to sell and install an accountancy software. Working as self employed requires tremendous dedication - not only due to the responsibility of generating income but also because you are running your own business. One of the most common mistakes that Self Employed people make is that they have the skills and knowledge to provide a service to their clients, but they don’t have much experience with running their own business, especially when that time of the year comes - you know, self-assessment, counting up profits and losses, keeping track of finances. The chances are that you just don’t have the time to take care of those accounting needs, when your business is too busy actually working. This is why hiring an accountant, that will not only help you keep track of your finances but do it continuously all year around is an option that majority of successful self employed people do. They know they don’t have the time and knowledge to deal with these things, so they have decided to put it in the hands of experts. Having an accountant will save you a tremendous amount of valuable time and stress, and will put your mind at peace knowing that this part of your business is taken care of. The best thing about working with us, is the amount of support that you get from your personal accountant. Sometimes you may be scared to ask questions or don’t have the time to search Google for the answer. This is why having an accountant provides additional benefit - as they know the financial business inside out. Furthermore, Tadeusz Bieniek has been recommended and praised by countless of successful individuals for the quality and delivery of his services. Why not give us a ring to see and try it out for yourself if our services are worth our unbeatable price? Very often once a company or business that took care of their own finances have grown to become successful. As part of growth and development, such business is usually seeking ways to optimise the workflow and increase the profitability. One of the ways that company do that, is sign a Partnership with an Accountancy business that will take care of the long, time-consuming and sometimes confusing spreadsheets of numbers. Depending on the company’s size, you may not be creating enough expenses and profits to hire a full time accountant, make space for him/her in your office - both of us know that this is not profitable to you, unless your company is very frequently exchanging money between clients, business and employees accounts. Every single company’s needs are different, which is why we take such great care to make sure that our service is unique, accurate and profitable for you. The reason why our current clients has chosen us over all those other accountancy services, is because they’ve seen it with their own eyes, how determined, organised and fast our workflow is. When you work with BTS Accountancy, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount and quality of services we provide for the price, in comparison to our market competitors - hence why, so many people are satisfied and glad that they have made the right choice and put their finances in the right hands. Many successfully established or newly created businesses that have identified the need for an accountant have chosen our company for their accountancy services. But why is it that we are different from other accountants? The answer is simple. The quality of the services that we provide and the cost associated with it are quite frankly, unbeatable on the current market. Not only we will help you achieve financial success by keeping your finances on track, but we will also provide you with a financial plan to put your vision of the company’s finances into reality. We offer quality VAT, Tax and end of year returns which will free you from this time-consuming process of finances so that you can benefit from and invest the extra time into the growth of your company. Futhermore, the expert advice provided by Mr Beniek has supported over X of companies and businesses in answering their accountancy enquiries and supporting the financial success in the future. Also the professional QuickBooks system that we can install, will positively transform the way you think about finances and will enable you to keep track of all the companies expenditures and incomes from all computer and mobile devices. Want to find out more? Contact us.
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